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Are You Emotionally Unavailable?

Are You Emotionally Unavailable?

Article & Video courtesy of Bethany Dotson

You, more than anyone, know your disappointing track record in love.

You’re a single, driven, high achieving woman who’s successful in your career.

To someone looking at you from the outside, you have your ish together

EXCEPT for love.

In romantic relationships, your pattern goes something like this:

Fall for potential: a man who’s struggling with some kind of issue in his life, falling for a workaholic, an alcoholic …or someone with narcissistic traits.

But in the BEGINNING he feels like your soulmate. You buy hook, line and sinker into what you COULD be together.

Followed by the slow dissolve: you working WAY too hard to get your needs met. Staying way too long until the bitter, crushing, inevitable end.

Followed by spending many months or many years being single.

Until you meet someone promising (FINALLY) only to realize he’s ALSO unavailable or narcissistic. And the cycle repeats.

It can feel VERY EASY to write off love completely. To feel cursed. To feel completely confused about why, in spite of your success and work ethic, you keep getting the wrong men.

But what if it were actually YOU that is emotionally unavailable? Tune in below to find out and how to heal your own self-sabotaging patterns in love.

Watch Bethany's Video Here : https://youtu.be/K_aTaxmtBus

Thanks to Bethany Dotson for providing this article to People On Dating. 

You can find Bethany Here : Bethanydotson.com