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Being Needy Is Not Sexy For Anyone

Neediness and Relationships

The dating world is a tough one. It can be hard to navigate interpersonal relationships and all of the things that make them work, after all. If you're interested in the idea of dating and possibly even loving another human being in the future, you should pay close attention to personality characteristics that are appealing. You should pay just as much attention to the characteristics that are the opposite of attractive, too. Needy behavior is an example of something that doesn't fly with women and men on dates. If you want to be able to shine in the dating universe, you should just say no to behaving in a needy and clingy manner. The truth is that neediness isn't sexy at all.

Why Neediness Isn't Sexy

It's no big secret that people are drawn to others who are self-confident. If you behave in a needy way, you may give the impression that you don't have an identity or a life of your own. That's definitely the last thing you want. It can be extremely sexy to think about people who are driven and who know exactly what they want in this world. It can be particularly sexy to think about people who just do not waste their precious time waiting around for others. If you behave needly on dates, you may come across as being desperate. Desperation is a massive turnoff, too.

It can be wonderful to spend quality time with a person who is compelling. Despite that, all human beings occasionally need some personal space. If you behave needy, you run the risk of suffocating and pushing away the person you're dating. You run the risk of basically feeling like a huge burden as well. It can be frustrating to have to deal with a person who freaks out any time you don't respond immediately to a text message. It can be annoying to have to deal with a person who doesn't "allow" you to have a social life of your own, too.

Although romance is amazing, it certainly isn't everything. Dating can be an exercise in anxiety for people who are involved with needy individuals. If you act needily, you may make your date feel as though he or she has no freedom. You may make this person feel as though you're monitoring everything he or she does as well. That feeling is never enjoyable. 

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