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Can You Tell If Your Partner Is a Narcissist? Featuring Barbara La Pointe

Can You Tell If Your Partner Is a Narcissist? Featuring Barbara La Pointe
About Barbara
My passion for guiding and co-creating with women going through divorce stems from my own vital life transformation after my own divorce. I have had the honour of talking and sharing with many other women who have experienced the similar challenges and pain. The common theme was, although they had legal representation, they lacked overall support for what they were going through.

I believe divorce is part of your life journey. It is not the destination; it is a portal to a new life! Divorce is a transition.
Barbara is a Certified Family & Divorce Coach with NLP training from Erickson International. She uses solution focused coaching, mindfulness and Systemic Constellation methodology formulated by Bert Hellinger with training in Inherited Family Trauma by Dr. Mark Wolynn to guide her clients to move into focused self-awareness for healing and releasing trauma from divorce and family breakdowns.

Coaching is the beginning of lasting transformational change in your life.
Barbara's Value Add's
  • Lack of empathy from your partner
  • Lots of drama involved
  • Humiliate and Gaslighting you
  • Always blaming you
  • Love bombing you
  • And much more........

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