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Creating Intimate and Sexual Pleasure With Shanon Colbath

Creating Intimate and Sexual Pleasure With Shanon Colbath
About Shanon:
I think this journey started a lifetime ago but really became apparent when I had my daughter in 2015.  My husband and I had been together at that point almost 10 years and were best friends and soul mates but I always knew that there had to be more when it came to intimacy, sex, and general connection.  I could feel it so deeply but couldn't figure out how to access it.  

I experienced substantial changes in mindset, opening awareness to attachment patterns and developmental conditioning and trauma that was holding me back in every aspect of life.  

I knew I wanted to show up fully and better for my daughter so that I could model for her and create an environment where she could thrive.  

I went deep into exploring my path as a woman.  The unspoken expectations, the fear of using my authentic voice, even with those closest to me.  The pattern of playing small or dreaming big then justifying why I'd stop when really it was my own limiting beliefs.  

I explored all of the ways I'd been acting in sex.  Not connected in my body but always in my head around outcome, how my body looked, frustrated that my partner didn't know exactly what I needed, when I didn't even know what I needed.  Placing expectations on myself and him around sex and frequency because deep down I felt that if I didn't deliver enough, he'd leave or cheat.  Just like I'd had modeled for me.  

While not intentional, my insecurities dampened some of the fire and rawness I loved so much in my husband and vise versa.  We were desperately trying to reach each other but buried underneath history, patterns, and fear.  

So I journeyed deep.  Within the VITA certification connected with my primal sexuality, owned my pleasure and showed up in service to what I wanted in my relationship.  I dove in vulnerably, loving my body, shepherding us into a new realm and finding ease, play, and lightness in the process.  

I'd had a fairly traumatic birth process with my daughter though I'm thankful because it taught me so much.  And through my pregnancy with my son, I was on this journey.  It led me to truly know and trust my body.  To find orgasm beyond climax into full body.  To find pleasure in the process vs the outcome.  To play and tease with delight in my pregnant body.  

I ended up having an ecstatic home birth and it was a game changer.  

Up to this point all of this work served how I showed up in my marriage, with my life outlook, in my leadership, as a parent, as a friend.  I was magnetic and imperfect but knew how to repair for myself and others along the way.  

I knew the power of the feminine and wanted to help everyone know how to unleash it.  

Throughout this time my husband had also been a detective and I'd seen horror after horror of how we raise our kids and I knew that sharing this work with the world could shift.  Shift the sexual, physical, and emotional violence and neglect we inflict on our children because we've been told it's the way, because we don't know how to find the truth and power in our own bodies, we haven't been given permission to experience it all.  

I'd been an expert at behavioral coaching in movement, nutrition, regeneration, and mindset but knew that this inner work, this true knowing was the missing piece to really changing lives and that's what I do.  

Then, I had my son.  I had just come from a world of learning all of the ways women are oppressed and seen as second class but having him opened my eyes to the same message applied to boys in a very different wrapping.  

Beginning with circumcision, moving to gender expectations, emotional repression, worth being tied to strength, performance, power.  That their very existence is toxic if they fully step in but that if they don't step into it they aren't fulfilling their purpose.  There is no right answer for boys and men.  

I looked at my husband with new eyes and everything changed.  I knew that as I'd supported my husband in our journey, that I wanted to support men in the world as well.  
So that's where I landed on couples, parents, and men.  I've journeyed to the depths and helped others do the same.  

I've invested in my training to learn gentle and safe practices to help people go from where they are to where they want to be.  Expertise to help people go all in and hold them accountable without judgement.  

So I'm here to serve.  

To walk as a guide to healing and integrating the blocks that exist to experiencing the fullest life.  

Shanon's Value Adds

  • Letting men be men
  • The art of love making
  • Communicating with love
  • Men think of sex often
  • 4 steps to make a relationship better
  • And much more...

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Book(s) recommended

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  • She comes first -Ian Kerner

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