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Dating At Work, Good or Bad?

The office is a strange place. You talk to the same people every day, you see them at their best and their worst (and not always in that order), and sometimes you even share an elevator ride. And then, one day, you start to notice how attractive they are or how nice they smell when they walk by your desk.

It's very tempting to fantasize about what it would be like if things were different, but as with all fantasies, there's more than a little reality mixed in with the fantasy. In fact, an office romance is one of the most complex and dangerous things you can get into at work. Here are six things you should consider before making a move on that co-worker who makes you weak in the knees.

The boss is always watching.

Most companies have a code of conduct for their employees, and some are more stringent than others. However, no matter what your company's rules are, they're almost certainly stricter than the general attitude of the wider society at large. If you tell your boss you've been flirting with a co-worker, don't bother making excuses like "She's just so darn sexy.

 It could cost you a friend

In most work environments, it's unrealistic to expect a guy or gal to make a friend out of their co-workers. And even if you do land that special someone, you're only going to have one chance to make that happen. Don't screw it up by being rude or dismissive or, worse yet, getting into an argument with your new love object.

The trouble is, if you and your new squeeze get into an argument, you're both likely to walk away thinking the other person was way more toxic than they actually were. And before long you'll be fighting like cats and dogs just because you can't stand each other's company.

It's no secret you're sleeping together

Are you really sure that your co-workers will be as understanding about your relationship as you are? If not, maybe it's better to keep your love life and your work life separate until things get more casual within the company. You might think the fact that the rest of your cohorts gossip about the latest office hookup proves that they're ready for anything, but no matter what they say, it's best to give them time to get used to things before taking the next step.

 You'll never make a real friend at work.

If your crush is an attractive woman, don't assume that she's not one of the guys' kind of girls. Really, she's just like any other woman in the workplace, except in one key area: sex. And if you think things are going to turn out any differently, you're deluding yourself. Of course everyone wants what they can't have! Most likely you'll be fighting the other women for her attention, and none of them will offer to be your wing girl for when you go out for drinks after work or take her back to your place to show off that new stereo system of yours.

You'll never have that special person to lean on.

Women have the reputation for needing a shoulder to cry on at work, but if you're a guy, you've got no such luxury. You can't go around screaming "I love you" all day long and expect to get away with it. And if you do go outside the office with your new love interest, expecting her co-workers to laugh at your attempts at flirting and give her constant reassurance that they're into your relationship as much as she is, don't be surprised if they turn into the stoners who pop up out of nowhere when you're working late nights.

You'll never be able to go home again.

This is the biggest reason to avoid office romances: You'll never again be able to walk across the parking lot and focus on going home. That's because, no matter how casual your office life might get, you and the co-worker who once held your affection will always have a connection, one that might last long after each of your moves on from your shared employer. So when she comes into work with a new boyfriend, don't expect them to leave you alone.

If you're thinking about pursuing an office romance, you've got to keep the consequences in mind. Sure, it's exciting and gives you a boost in self-esteem, but it can all come crashing down around your ears if things don't turn out the way you planned. Ultimately, do yourself (and your job) a favor and leave the potential romance at that.

Article Written By Casucian61 for People On Dating

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