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Dating Someone With Kids


Dating Someone With Kids?

Yes, that's a tough one, I've been there during my younger days. How does it work out? When you are young it's something you have to navigate, it's not easy at all, for me when I was in my 20's through early 40's (a long time ago, lol) you have to remember you are deep in second place. 

A woman who has a young kid(s) has that priority over anything and anyone else, she has to feed her child and in most cases I'm not in the picture, so scheduling time was something I had to deal with.

So for most of my younger days, it was not pleasant for me to be with someone who had kids, I knew that whatever I had to offer, no way can I or anyone who was not the dad could compete, and that was sad for myself, there were a few women that I really cared for during those times.

But just like everything else, you live and learn, now that I'm much older (ouch) usually the women I meet their kids are living their own lives now, and the mother has time to date, So for the younger generation, remember you can't take it personal if they can't find the time, in most cases it comes down to babysitting, who can watch that mother's child for a couple of hours or more. 

Don't give up, keep at it, you never know what can happen. 

Thanks for reading, until next time, please stay safe.

Just a conversation, No judgement