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Do This To Create The Self Love You Deserve Featuring Julie Hilsen

Do This To Create The Self Love You Deserve Featuring Julie Hilsen

About Julie :

I am an intuitive with a masters in communication sciences. I will bring my gifts for relating to the spiritual realm and helping your listeners connect with their divine wisdom and guidance. I am in the process of doing a virtual book launch and I would love to share about my book. Life of Love a Joyful Guide to Self and Sensuality.

I will bring a healing and fun energy to your listeners. Also will connect you to my audience with reciprocity.

Julie shares her passion for living a life of magic and joy. Her debut book is a powerful tool for self discovery and finding the joy in everyday life. She lives in Cumming, GA with her husband, Mitch and her two sons, Reese and Blake. When she's not talking to angels and creating you can find her hiking, playing tennis or cooking.


Julie's Value Adds

  • Start saying no
  • What do you want to be
  • Self love
  • Open ourself up
  • Be aware
  • Look at the red flags
  • And much more........

Listen to full episode here : Julie Hilsen

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Book(s) recommended 

  • Life of love : Julie Hilsen

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