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First Date, Coffee or Dinner?

 First Date, Coffee or Dinner?
That’s a tough question isn't it? If we ask a girl out, Most will say, no it has to be dinner, usually women lol.
But here is the dilemma, and I hate to admit it but a couple of my friends and I feel we were taken advantage of.
We went out to dinner (not together, separately), and as gentlemen we paid for the meal, after that, no second date, no call back, what’s the new saying now? Ghosted!! I talked with my friends about it and they don't know why either, It’s true you might say it could have been our fault, maybe the convo was boring or she wasn’t into you.
I remember asking a female friend of mine about this topic and she said some women go out with almost any man just to get a free meal!! WTF !! Maybe I/We are naive lol, but I had no idea that could happen.
So you see why this question is valid for some men?, and you know how expensive a meal is in today’s inflation based city of NY.
What do you think about today’s topic? Ladies please give us your opinion, would love to hear what you have to say.
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Thank you, have a blessed day.
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