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Getting C**ked Blocked By a Friend


What is it ?

Have you ever heard that term before, Cock blocking?If I remember it correctly, maybe a 90’s phrase, my interpretation is when you are talking to someone you are interested in and you might tell a friend or acquaintance that, and they turn around and start talking, and/or flirting to that very person you are interested in. 

How I remembered it

On a couple of occasions it has happened to me, But there was a woman (let’s call her Bebe)  who did the cock blocking. She  had introduced me to her friend in a lounge. We hit it off, we started dancing, joking around together and I thought there is something here (chemistry) and I would like to see her again


I should have asked for the woman’s phone number right there, but instead I didn’t so I asked my friend(Bebe) what’s the story about her girlfriend, well to my surprise she said I’ll be wasting my time! I didn’t believe it, I said to myself. 

The true story

I felt this happened a couple of times to me, being in the same group of friends I was hanging out with, a female friend of mine (let’s call her Jane)who was there every time, I told her I felt I was being cocked blocked by Bebe. And I told my friend (Jane)  if she noticed it when I was around any of her girlfriends if her attitude (Bebe) was different. 

I found out later that my friend(Bebe) had a crush on me! Unfortunately I didn’t feel the same for her, this did cause a few issues between us, but it was resolved later on.

What can you do?

Some suggestions I thought of was to confront my friend and ask what’s going on? Which I didn’t at the time, I just let it slide.

But in the future if that happens to you, Talk with that person who is doing the blocking and……

  • Ask why he/she did that to you
  • Do they like the same person as well?
  • Is there some type of jealousy?
  • Say this can impact the friendship
  • Do we just step aside for the sake of our friend ?


I had never done that to any friend. If that was to happen in this day and age, believe me, I would confront my friend and either move forward or back off, especially if the woman is someone who I just met, and I  don't have strong feelings yet.

Sometimes, it’s not worth losing a friend, talk it out and see how it can be resolved.

Thanks for reading

Will Morales 

Just a conversation, No judgement