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How To Avoid Your Partner From Getting Bored In Your Relationship

Women tend to get bored and want change more easily than men. In a relationship, they might feel that their partner isn't bringing anything new to the table or is just too predictable. If not addressed, this can lead to women withdrawing from intimacy in their relationship because of boredom or resentment toward their partner.

Here are some of the most common causes for a woman to become bored in her relationship:

Lack of communication

The common question in most all relationships is, "are we communicating properly, or are we not communicating?" Communication is key to a successful relationship, and if the two people in it remain ignorant of each other's thoughts and goals the relationship can get out of hand quickly.

Too many demands on your time

If a woman is constantly making demands on her partner without letting him know how he can help, then she can become very frustrated at times, especially when she has little interest in the things he does or interests him in.

Lack of emotional intimacy (talking)

This is another common problem that men and women encounter when they have not communicated with each other. If a couple has not spoken in depth about their thoughts and desires, then without fail problems will arise in the relationship.

 Lack of attention

Simply put, if a man is not paying attention to his woman he will cause her to become bored. This can be stated in the form of telling her she is too skinny, or not being able to get hard enough when they get intimate.

What to do to avoid a woman getting bored in a relationship?

1. Communication is key, and if it's not there there will be problems that arise.

2. Whenever possible try to accommodate your partner.

3. When talking to enjoy each other's company and do not take stress from the relationship into bed with you, if you do your body language will give off a certain feeling that will allow you to become further removed from one another.

4. Have fun together, go out on dates, make things fun for her even when it seems hectic in the home or outside of the home environment.


This article has demonstrated the causes of boredom in a relationship, and how to avoid boring your partner during that time.

Article Written By Camille Enriquez for People On Dating

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