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Talking About Your Ex

What? Has that happened to you? Your current partner brings up their ex without you asking?
This subject has happened on both sides of the aisle, and in most cases I find it annoying. I went out with someone who would point at a building we just passed by, “I have an ex that lives there”.
The first time I let it go, after the second time at pointing at another building, I told her I don’t want to hear it again, but this time around we were with her friend who heard it, after she saw my facial expression of being pissed off, her friend said it shouldn’t matter, you are with her now, no, you missed the point, don’t talk about it!
The final “nail in the coffin” she actually named an actor she went out with, at dinner. We were there with her son! The point is I don't want any woman I'm with to talk about her past exes unless I ask, 99.9% of the time I won't ask, I don’t care what her past is.
Unless we are just friends, then by all means, talk about them, I’ll listen if you want to get it off your chest.
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