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These 5 Things Will Tell You Are In a Toxic Relationship With Krystine Cardona

These 5 Things Will Tell You Are In a Toxic Relationship With Krystine Cardona


About Krystine:

Krystine Cardona is a first generation Cuban American Miami native who is dedicated to the practice of divorce & family law.  She enjoys spending time with her husband, identical twin daughters, Penelope and Olivia, and two dogs.

I am a divorce and family law attorney. Most people don't realize that we actually have great relationship advice!  

I can spend all day talking about relationships, i.e., either making sure you are in a healthy one or how to get out of a toxic one.  Most people don't realize that the history of the relationship and psychology of both parties can be a huge factor in any case.

How to handle a high conflict spouse or co-parent is a science. A good divorce & family law attorney should know how to tactfully navigate these personalities to better advocate for their clients.

Aside from the above, I am a mom to toddler twin girls (yes, we are finally getting some sleep). Juggling motherhood, a business, and being an attorney is a challenge but can be done.

Krystine's Value Adds

  • We ignore the signs
  • Toxic is normal for some
  • The 5 signs to watch for
  • Women can be toxic as well
  • Don't be dependent
  • And much more...........

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  • How to avoid falling in love with a jerk- John Van Epp


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