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Watch Out For These 7 Dating Red Flags Featuring Eric Wooten

Watch Out For These 7 Dating  Red Flags Featuring Eric Wooten
About Eric :
Eric is a dynamic speaker, author and relationship expert. He uses his 15 years of experience as a pastor and licensed professional counselor to help singles develop healthy dating relationships and couples build strong, thriving marriages.
Eric combines his transformative, yet easy to digest frameworks and quick wit to help couples of all ages and backgrounds enjoy the journey towards fulfilling relationships that go the distance.

He holds a Master’s of Marriage & Family Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the author of “The Magnetic Marriage: 8 Characteristics of Irresistible Marriages.” Eric has been married to his wife, Jill, for 28 years and they have 3 daughters.
Eric has been fighting for marriages for more than two decades. His passion and fight for marriages started in his own as he and his bride of 28 years have navigated infertility, infidelity and everything in between.
Understanding what it takes to battle through the low moments, Eric feels compelled to help other couples do the same so they can experience the joy of a thriving marriage.
Eric has worked with thousands of couples over the past 15 years, using his practical and effective principles to guide singles through healthy dating strategies, prepare engaged couples for marriage and help married couples recover from relational pain and develop skills and habits to create the relationship they've always desired.

Eric's blend of humor and transparent authenticity has allowed him to build and connect with a diverse audience. He is comfortable behind a mic, on a stage or in front of a camera, as long as relationship talk is on the table.

Eric's Value Adds

  • Focusing on the wrong things
  • Date with your head
  • Good don't last, bad does continue
  • Unfortunately one person can't fulfill everything
  • The 7 dating red flags to watch for
  • And much more..............

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