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Why Didn't I Have Kids

Why Didn't I Have Kids

Early On 

This is what I was asked for years, why don't you have kids Will? And the answer was simple for me, I didn't want kids, Not because I didn't love kids, I do, but I felt early on in my life in my 20's I wasn't ready for them, and I saw some of my friends struggle with the financial aspect of raising and providing for them. 

The Decision To Go For It 

As I got older I realized that maybe kids weren't for me, until about 2010. I had met a woman that shortly after I would fall in love with, and at that particular time I was 48 years old, she was 44, Now, mind you I was not interested in having kids, I was happy being kidless. 

We agreed to have at least one kid, I felt ok with that decision and didn't regret trying to have them! lol, Well, unfortunately  it didn't work out, maybe it was her age? I don't know, I do believe in the power of intention, and I had told many friends I was ok not having kids, and I really believe if you put out your plan, goal, or purpose out in the universe it will come to fruition if you can believe, say it enough and take action.   

Not Again 

Once we tried a few times, and nothing happened, I took it as a sign, and that our relationship might not survive this, which it didn't. Moving forward, I made my decision that I was not going to have kids, and I have not regretted it at all. 

I think I can count on one hand that if things were different how I would have raised my kid, definitely provide more education and financial know how that I didn't get when I was young. But like I wrote before, I have no regrets with the decision I made. 


I didn't think of this before, I realized that I have about 8-10 friends that are in their 50's plus, that didn't or wanted kids, I never asked why, When I see those friends of mine I usually in my imagination, think that work or something else in their life that made them not want kids.

And for those who don't want kids, don't let the society pressure you to have kids, for some people are not made to be a father or mother, and nothing is wrong with that. There are many things to do to fill that void of being without kids. 

Thanks for reading

Will Morales

"Just a conversation, No judgement"