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Women Having Male Best Friends, Men, Are You Ok With That?

Women Having Male Best Friends, Men, Are You Ok With That?

Let's face it, there are some male friends is a little different from having female friends. For one thing, men are not very likely to talk about their problems with their girlfriend's male friend, whereas most women will be more than happy to discuss their boy troubles with each other. On the other hand, some men feel threatened by the idea of their girlfriends having male friends and would much prefer she not speak to other guys at all.

Here are the most common problems and why guys are not always happy when their girlfriends have guy friends:

 Most men dislike best friends-with-benefits situations.

When the man and woman are in a dating relationship, it is normal for the woman to develop close male friendships and bond with them. However, when the man discovers their woman has guy friends and spends time with them privately, he will feel left out of the loop, insecure and jealous. Most men don't like to be left out of conversations they would have otherwise had if they were in the know; at least not without having an explanation as to why they were kept in the dark.

Most men dislike the idea of their woman having guy friends simply because they are competitive.

In a lot of cases, male friends are used as tools for getting ahead or setting up a rival to have the woman's affection. In most cases, the man will be jealous of his woman's friendship with her male friend or would see their relationship as a competition for her affection towards him.

Men often feel like their woman is getting close to the wrong guy.

Perhaps the most common reason men often feel uncomfortable with their woman having male friends is that they don't want it to lead them down a path that would make them appear less attractive to her. We all know that if you fall for a guy who has female friends, you are going to find yourself falling for his best friend as well. It can also cause jealousy and problems in the relationship.

Men feel like their woman is taking advantage of them.

Men have been known to have a certain degree of pride and ego, to say the least! Just like any other man, if a woman takes advantage of his patience, kindness, or generosity without giving him anything in return, it will make him feel cheap and submissive. Men are often too sensitive when it comes to the subject of their partner's female friends.

Sometimes men will feel like their girlfriend is taking advantage of them simply because she gets close to one of her female friends and shares things with them; even if the man knows that it was not done in any offensive way.

Men don't like it if their women have guy friends just for safety reasons.

While women are often sexually attracted to men who are physically aggressive and can be protective, this is usually not the case when a woman meets a new friend of the male sex. Men are more likely to be protective because they feel threatened, not because they want to be aggressive. Most men feel that if a woman has female friends, she would never get hurt by them.

Getting back to talking about trust and boundaries, sometimes women who have guy friends feel like they need to inform their partner of this new decision but then find themselves torn between the need to tell their boyfriend or keep him in the dark. Some women will choose to tell their partner about having a guy friend, while others choose to keep the information to themselves.

Article Written By Alice Daisy