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People On Dating edit 103 Do You Know When You Are Being Gaslighted? With Ash Pariseau

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The Dame Behind The Blog
My name is Ash Pariseau. I’m an American writer and certified relationship consultant, educated through an ICF accredited academy.

I’ve written for many different digital and print publications including Evie Magazine, Hope Magazine, Arena Group, and several others. I have worked as Relationships Editor for Hope Magazine and as a blogger/virtual assistant for UK’s premier matchmaking website, Cupid In The City.

My Why
The more I would write and become part of the conversation on dating, relationships, and sexuality, the more I began to understand what women are up against regarding their love lives.

The question of “where have all the good men gone?” is one that seems to come up a lot these days. Women today are fed up with not being able to find decent men. They are tired of falling for the f*ckboys, the Chads, the losers, the users, and the assholes. They have had enough with being in a position where they are walked on, manipulated, taken advantage of, and disrespected by the guys they are seeing.

I was once the nice girl with low standards and almost no personal boundaries. I was locked in a scarcity mentality and became devastated whenever a boy would break up with me.

I had no idea what I was doing. Like many, I was lost and clueless about how to attract the type of guy who would work with me on building a healthy, long lasting relationship.

Finally, I got to a point where I was sick of all the shit and wasn’t going to let it rule my mind or my life. I decided that I didn’t want to just sit around complaining and feeling like a victim. So, I put my ass to work on changing it all.

Personal growth, mindset shifts, understanding feminine and masculine psychology, along with sage advice I received is what has allowed me to crawl out of the trenches that so many women find themselves trapped in when it comes to sex and dating.

Modern women are in dire need of an effective plan of action towards true empowerment in relationships with men, and I’m happy to be able to help with just that.

Ash's Value Adds
Your gut tells you know the bullsh*t
Difference between gaslighting and manipulation
Shaming you
Overreacting to a scenario
Set boundaries early in the relationship
And much more...........

00:00 Music intro
00:20 Guest intro
01:20 Ash's journey
03:35 What is gaslighting
05:31 Knowing when you are being gaslighted
07:10 Being deliberate on purpose
09:20 Being shamed and guilty tripping
12:25 Knowing the difference between gaslighting and manipulation
14:00 Being afraid to be alone
16:00 Ash's future plans
16:45 Ash's E-Book
17:22 Ash's blog and contact info

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