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People On Dating Ep 101 : Watch What They Say and Believe Them The 1st Time W/Kelly Collins

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About Kelly :

C.K. Collins, aka Kelly, writes about her five year journey back to empowerment, joy, happiness and love. Her inner healing has been a grassroots effort, surrounded by supportive friends and family, who held her hand, shared her pain and hugged her through a lot of tough moments following a traumatic divorce.

In gratitude and recognition of the gifts of love she has received, Kelly unfolds her ongoing journey to wholeness through storytelling and shares the lessons she learned from her friends all over the world.

Kelly left the news publishing business and took a two-year sabbatical. She is diving into writing books that empower people walking the tough path of loss. She believes that gratitude, empathy and love are the recipe for a fruitful and joyful life.

​She hails from Tennessee and has been traveling the world as often as possible. Her next books will include stories and lessons from her travels and the amazing shifts in perspective acquired through solo travel.

With her beloved daughters is where she feels most wholly loved and seen.

Kelly's Value Adds
We need to choose ourselves
Forgive those who messed up
Believe their words
No talking about ex's
Looking for a friend 1st
And much more........

00:00 music intro
00:20 Guest intro
01:25 Kelly's journey
03:50 The dating world has changed
05:00 People are working on themselves more now
07:40 Kelly talks about writing
11:20 Listen, and it's revealed
12:45 I failed to listen to the red flags
14:09 How about a phone call before we go out
16:00 Get to know the other person
19:37 It's all about them, not you
23:40 Moving forward
27:35 Kelly's book
28:00 Kelly's tip sheet

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The swipe right affect - C.K Collins

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