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People On Dating Ep 102 : How To Overcome Fear and Rejection About Dating Featuring Grand Cam

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About Grand Cam :

I was struggling for years before I finally figured out the secret to becoming the masculine man that many women desired. From being flaked on, getting heartbroken, dealing with crazy ex-girlfriends, not getting any dating matches, and to being friendzoned, I have suffered through it all.

Finally, after years of hard work and with the right guidance, I decided to help other men become that masculine figure that women are craving nowadays. Currently I help men from all around the world who are looking to upgrade their dating life so they can achieve the abundance they truly desire.

Grand Cam's Value Adds
The need to understand ourselves
Standards that men need to keep
Be true to our identity
Always have gratitude
The 5 pillars of compatibility
And much more..........

00:00 Music intro
00:22 Guest intro
01:33 Cam's journey
05:01 Overcoming simpness
07:00 Men choose who to talk to
09:30 Being transparent with a woman
11:42 The 3 circles of communication
14:00 Going to common events
16:22 The 5 pillars of compatibility
21:20 Some men follow the society norm
22:55 Women in sex category only
26:33 Grand Cam's future plans
29:33 Being humble, and learning

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