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People On Dating Ep 72 : Women, Having a Hard Time Dating? Follow These 6 Steps W/Karyn Seitz

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About Karyn:

As a former spiritual healer, Karyn realized her clients were not getting better. She was frustrated that she could not deliver the results her clients wanted even though she was trying lots of different healing modalities and coaching techniques.

Karyn knew she also wasn’t getting the changes she wanted in her life. She secretly lacked any confidence in her ability to change. Her adult life had stalled.

In a fresh new search for answers, Karyn found the missing piece that would ultimately transform her life and her clients. There is something very profound in owning that she is the problem in her life. This awareness pushed her to confront herself and get serious about herself and her life.

Karyn is now fulfilled in her life and teaches others the same journey she has taken to find herself and be happy.

Karyn calls herself The Happiness Expert and teaches an online happiness course for women called Awakened Grace.

Karyn's Value Adds
No one can make us happy
Men are not responsible to make a woman happy
Be yourself, Be upfront
Communicate who you are
Work on yourself
And much more..........

00:00 Music intro
00:38 Guest intro
01:40 Karyn's journey
05:25 Are Men responsible for a woman's happiness
09:05 Women make themselves happy
11:00 Knowing who we are
14:15 Do the work before the relationship
16:15 Ages of the women
17:53 Become ourself
20:55 Women, take these steps
36:00 Karyn's info

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Breaking the habit of being yourself- Dr. Joe Dispenza

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