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People On Dating Ep 73 : Men, Follow These Tips To Dress With Style Featuring Maura Gaughan

About Maura :

Maura is a personal wardrobe stylist and founder of " Wandering Parisian" and "Dating with Style". She works with both men and women who are looking to give their look a “boost.” She works with people who need a personal shopper or style consultation to assist to create wardrobes for career transitions, dating, and vacation outfits/travel packing.

After the end of her partnership in 2016, Maura found herself in the dating scene after 19 years. She learned firsthand how difficult it was to navigate dating as a woman in her 40’s. As a result of her experiences and lessons learned, Maura created Dating with Style. Dating with Style specifically helps 40+ professional men and women who are getting back into the dating scene to create updated “go to outfits” that will get a second date.

She deeply believes in teaching people what works for their body type so they will know how to continue to maintain and cultivate their style. In staying with her deep belief in educating, Maura holds style workshops, writes a style blog, creates inspiring content on the Wandering Parisian Instagram page,

Maura's Value Adds
People have hangups on their clothes
Feel comfortable
Highlight your assets
Don't be cheap on a good pair of jeans
Having a nice blazer
Adding colors to your wardrobe
And much more..........

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https://www.wanderingparisian.com/ https://www.facebook.com/datingwithstyleclub
@willmoralesPod (Youtube)
@williem38301075 (Twitter)

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