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People On Dating Ep 77 : How To Have Better Sex and Intimacy With Dr. April Brown

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About Dr. April :

I am an Intimacy Expert and I love talking about improving relationships through intimacy.

I am a Licensed Mental Health Christian Counselor, Board Certified TeleMental Health Provider, National Certified Counselor, Florida Certified Sex Therapist, and a Qualified Clinical Supervisor. I hold a Bachelor Degree in Business, Masters and Specialist Degree in Counseling and Human Systems and a Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology and have been in the field since 1997.

I have a very diverse background in counseling children, teens, adults, couples, and families from various cultures and backgrounds. In addition, I have worked in community centers, public schools, universities, businesses and private practice and has donated her time and services to help out a variety of different mental health, addiction, homeless, and community agencies.

Currently I have a thriving private practice since 2005 in Florida, where I specialize in anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship and sex therapy, emotionally support animals, and TeleMental Health. In addition in 2020, I started Vacation Counseling, a intensive and exclusive couples retreat, one couple at a time.

Dr. April's Value Adds
Be truly present with your partner
Adding more foreplay
Talk to her, get to know her
Touch her body
Ask her what she likes
Is your place love ready?
And much more..............

00:00 Music intro
00:21 Guest intro
01:25 Dr. April's journey
03:45 Dr. April's aha moment
05:25 How texting is ruining the conversation
08:05 Looking at pics on social media
11:00 Sex in the digital age
14:35 Drama equals feeling
18:00 Are you pleasing your partner
21:00 Getting to know a woman's body
23:10 Asking what she likes in the bedroom
26:45 Dr April's book
28:08 Dr. April's podcast
29:25 Dr. April's coaching

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Improving intimacy series- Dr. April Brown
Get inside her- Marni Kinrys

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