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People On Dating Ep 81 : Key Things To Do Before Dating Featuring Maureen Scanlon

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About Maureen :

Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. She is an Author, Relationship expert, Motivational Speaker, Positive Change Integrator, and Spiritual Coach.

Author of “My Dog is More Enlightened Than I am,” and “My Dog is My Relationship Coach,” she is passionate about teaching and guiding others to nurture the relationships in our lives, taking our lead from animals and the unconditional love they give.

Maureen Scanlon’s certifications include Life Coaching, NLP, DBT, REBT, ACT, Pet Psychology, and more!

Maureen's Value Adds
The B.o.n.e method
Become your own best ally
The 90 rule for dating
Men love to be the providers
Why we date the same person
And much more......

00:00 Music intro
00:23 Guest intro
01:50 Maureen's journey
7:07 Become your own best friend
8:55 No dating for a year
10:25 B.O.N.E steps
18:25 The 90 day rule
20:44 Dating the same person over & over
23:42 Men want to provide
24:40 Like minded venues
26:00 Being cautious at the beginning
28:22 Maureen's dating story
32:25 The TED talk
32:56 Maureen's contact
33:20 Book recommendations

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Book(s) Recommended
My dog is more enlightened than I am
My dog is my relationship coach

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