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People On Dating Ep 90 : How A Few Men Are Becoming Passport Bro's To Find Their Mate W/Ash Pariseau

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About Ashley :

Ash Pariseau is a certified dating and relationship consultant and professional writer currently residing along the coast of South Carolina. Her mission is to help women cut through the bs and become valued in relationships with quality men by setting realistic standards and establishing healthy boundaries.

She's written for many different digital and print publications, including Thought Catalog, HuffPost, Evie Magazine, and others. She has worked as Relationships Editor for Hope Magazine and as a blogger/virtual assistant for UK’s premier matchmaking website, Cupid In The City.

Ash's Value Adds
Relive your past to get better
Why does body count matter
A new phenomenon- passport bro's
Going overseas to find a woman
Experience does count
And much more...........

00:00 Music intro
00:20 Guest intro
01:10 Ashley's journey
04:02 Why Ashley started writing
05:30 Becoming aware of your past relationship
07:15 What are passport bro's
09:20 Women's body count in discussions
11:59 Sorry, women want variety too
14:30 Can you attract a traditional woman
15:40 Unrealistic standards
20:40 Having someone by your side
23:45 Are some men afraid of feminism
28:15 The average guy is a passport bro
32:50 What's a traditional wife
34:10 Being a leader
36:55 Get Ash's E-Book
37:41 Ash' contact info

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