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People On Dating Ep 91 : A Frank Talk About Sex, Relationships And More With Mil Ivory

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About Mil :

Mil ivory is a Tex Carolina girl; born and raised in Port Arthur, Texas currently living in South Carolina. Communications Specialist by trade, entrepreneur by hustle, and a Podcaster via passion and gift of gab .

Some may also call her a serial entrepreneur with a millionaire mindset. Owner and operator of Ultimate Reflection Services LLC, a company in which she offers work from home opportunities in a virtual call center environment. A-Ze Kreations LLC where she specializes in customization, personalization and adult pleasure items.

Creator and host of Closed Door Conversations Podcast where she open doors to conversations that would intimidate most. She knows the key to normalization is having the hard conversations. True to her raw, open, honest no nonsense ways this platform was created to normalize people being their true authentic selves.

In hopes to help them achieve the freedom that comes when you embrace and love the good bad and ugly in yourself. She runs her businesses the way she lives her life, open, honest and unapologetically. Her goal is to become a full time entrepreneur to attain the financial freedom to be able tondo the things she loves while building generational wealth for her kids, grandkids and generations to come.

Mil's Value Adds
Having no judgements
Be open to talk about sex
Having sex toys in your repertoire
Mental stimulation
A man's status
And much more...........

00:00 Music intro
00:21 Guest intro
01:06 Mil's ivory
04:40 No judgement
05:40 Today's hookup culture
08:00 Polyamorous relationships
09:00 A woman's body count
11:02 Bring a toy in the bedroom
13:09 Master of your domain
15:25 Man's status
21:35 Kids or no kids
28:00 Making a woman wetter
30:07 Mil's podcast
36:00 Mil's Kreation
36:32 Mil's contact

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The Success Principles- Jack Canfield

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