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People On Dating Ep 93 : Take These Steps To Trust Yourself After a Bad Breakup W/Bethany Dotson

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About Bethany :

I grew up with Domestic Violence. And by the time I found yoga as a college student in 2002, I was struggling with depression, anxiety and a series of failed relationships with controlling or emotionally unavailable men. I was living a double life, trying to maintain my 3.8 GPA by day, and partying like a maniac by night. The glue holding my friendships together was getting wasted and dating the hottest guy. At 22, I knew something needed to change.

And one day on a whim, I convinced my roommate to try a yoga class with me at a studio a few blocks from campus.

I collapsed into a sweaty savasana – and floated through life for the next 3 days. I went back the next day, the day after and the day after that. Seventeen years later yoga is still my medicine. My anchor when sh*t hits the fan, when I’m feeling heartbroken or edging out of my comfort zone personally or professionally.

Today I help women realize their self-worth, release stress, anxiety and find more love in life.

I help women create a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Bethany's Value Adds
Running away from your feelings
Inner awareness
Is your criteria to stringent
Who is a man's outlet
Be responsible for your choice
And much more...............

00:00 Music intro
00:20 Guest intro
01:05 Bethany's journey
05:05 Breakups hurt all
08:20 Who can a man talk to
09:25 Opening up to your partner
14:45 Having inner awareness
16:59 Turn off the noise
19:30 Rewire our brains
22:50 Critic ourselves
24:50 Don't forget your past
28:00 We want to belong
29:10 Bethany's coaching
30:55 Bethany's free masterclass
31:55 Contact info

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