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People On Dating Ep 94 : Why Women Cheat And Have Affairs With Susan Shapiro Barash

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About Susan :

For over thirty years, Susan Shapiro Barash has been researching female infidelity. In her fascinating and provocative updated investigation, A Passion for More, we learn why and how a diverse group of women in their twenties to their eighties conduct affairs. Through personal accounts of over seventy women, we get a wide-angle picture of how a lover is chosen with agency.

Today women have affairs with a sense of entitlement. The fate of Anna Karenina, Emma Bovary and Hester Prynne is over. While these literary figures’ destinies were grim, real women in real time are exploring their needs with a striking absence of guilt and as a form of self- exploration.

Susan's Value Adds
A woman explores her sexuality
70% of woman have affairs in their mind
4 types of affairs women have
50% of women leave a marriage
Social media has given women more options
And much more............

00:00 Music intro
00:22 Guest intro
01:25 Susan's journey
03:40 Women in affairs
04:15 Affairs in the mind
05:50 Emotional affairs
06:25 4 types of affairs women have
11:20 50% of women leave after an affair
13:10 Women keep affairs secret
15:25 Some women talk about their affair
17:00 Social media and women
20:05 A man's value
22:50 Susan's book
23:15 Susan's contact

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A passion for more- Susan Shapiro Barash

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