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People On Dating Ep 97 : Can't Meet Someone Organically Anymore? Try This App; With Katy Thompson

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About Katy :

Single mom of twins and divorced for 13 years.

During a Tinder date no show, I sat in a bar alone and pondered 'why don't dating apps work?' The concept is sound, should be similar to buying a car, yet its a dumpster fire.

In this large circular bar, 10 others were scrolling their phones, 3 that I can see are on dating apps. Immediately, I started conceptualizing a new app. One that utilizes immediate active geo location versus mindless at home swiping. My app is launching early 2023. Who doesn't want to know who is single at their gym, on their same cruise ship, at your professional conference etc or 3 day music festival? Stop mindless swiping/ fishing for likes. Live your life and look around. I'm reverse engineering dating apps!

Its been a 3+ years road to find a technical partner/ paused for a year to 'battle' cancer/ work my real job in healthcare administration/ get this sucker launched. In the meantime, I started a Facebook group, Dating Debacles!, which helps online daters navigate the minefields, as it's a different world out there. In 2020, also used it personally to document my hair growing back post chemo.

I'm Not a relationship guru, I'm a dating app guru, mainly educating others based off my many past mistakes. I help newly divorcees and women's groups, but would love to cast a wider net for my advice, as well as spread the word of my new dating concept once it launches.

Katy's Value Adds
Only talking through text
Dating apps
Go out and meet people
Going out to events
Target people in your sphere
And much more........

00:00 Music intro
00:20 Guest intro
01:20 Katy's journey
02:25 I don't like apps for dating
03:25 Nobody wants to use the phone
05:50 Identification app
08:10 Please, updated pics of you
10:10 Get yourself out there on site
12:00 Going to common places to meet
15:00 What's your target audience
19:15 Watch out for scams on apps
21:28 The app
23:30 Katy's app
24:20 Katy's contact info

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