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People On Dating Ep 98 : Dating Over 50 And Finding Love With Turner Grant

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About Turner :

"To Venus and Back, One Man's Quest to Rediscover Love" is a memoir about dating, relationships, sex, and looking to find love again when Turner Grant—a Harvard-educated architect in Washington DC, onetime congressional candidate, and father of twin boys—never expected to be doing any such thing. Adventurous, intimate, revealing, voyeuristic, surprising, and funny like most dating memoirs, the book stands apart because of its heartbreakingly tragic back-story (the suicide of his wife of 20 years).

Turner's journey to Venus brought him into the lives of women whose views, expectations, and norms were so incredibly different and divergent from his own—often bizarre at times—that he often questioned how it could be. At other times, connections were made that were so amazing and intense, he was transported away from his “normal” life and world. Extensive use of actual emails and texts give the story an unfiltered and voyeuristic narrative.

Turner's Value Adds
Getting back into dating
Online dating
Impersonal texting
After 50 dating pool is smaller
Looking for a connection
And much more.............

00:00 Music intro
00:20 Guest intro
01:15 Turner's journey
07:35 Meeting 54 women over 3 yrs
08:40 Turner was labeled by her
11:20 Online dating
14:02 Becoming a serial dater
16:00 Are standards to high
19:00 Meeting someone overseas
22:00 Judging a online profile
25:40 Trying to buy you
26:30 Turner's book
32:05 Turner's contact info

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To Venus and Back - Turner Grant

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